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Raise A Roof Campaign

We are facing a crisis here at the sanctuary. We desperately need to replace the roof on the the cow barn which is 40' by 100' and convert the space into a usable area for the animals. Currently the roof is falling in and it is being used for junk storage. We are hoping to create isolation stalls for new rescues, as well as sick/injured animals which require stall rest. We also want to add a "clean stall" for vet visits, so that when the animals get veterinary care, it is in an environment that is sanitary for the animals. We only have one isolation stall right now which is currently occupied, which forces us to turn down requests to take on any new rescues.

All proceeds will go to the reconstruction of this portion of the barn. We will be posting progress pictures on our website. Any donation, no matter how small, can help. Donations can be made through the Donate Now button. All donations are made through gofundme.


Thank you for your support.

Scroll through the pics below to see what we are dealing with.

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