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Cobble Hill Animal Sanctuary is located on a 150 year old converted dairy farm on 16 acres in the upper Merryall Section of New Milford CT. We currently have horses, a steer, sheep, llamas, alpacas, miniature donkeys, goats, potbelly pigs and chickens, as well as 3 dogs and some barn cats.


The work here is never-ending. We've been working hard on making changes to this century old farm so that it can meet the needs of our new family. Click on more to see what we are working on.


It's no surprise that we run off donations from caring individuals such as yourself. Please take a moment to donate what you can to help support our mission.

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Many of the animals here were either neglected, abandoned or unwanted. They arrived in various stages of health and all were welcomed into our home. Click more to meet some of these wonderful creatures and learn how you can help support them!

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